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Dummy’s Guide To Silk Screen Printing

When it comes to customizing a shirt, the time and price it takes to make one both play a huge role in molding the whole experience. That’s why if you want to personalize a shirt with a quick turnaround and on an affordable price, just go to TeeVisionPrinting and we got you covered. We offer outstanding printing services for prices that are surely in your budget. And with the help of our talented pool of people, we will be able to produce your dream custom t-shirts in no time at all.

TeeVisionPrinting’s main goal is to turn your most personal designs into high-quality wearable artworks that can wow everyone. We also value the importance of time, price, and quality that’s why we only use the printing method that can provide us the best results in terms of those three. And that said method is Silk Screen Printing.

If you want to know more about this ingenious printing method and why we prefer it, then keep on reading because we provided a quick guide so you could familiarize yourself with silk screen printing.


It is a printing method where the design is placed on a shirt through the use of cut stencils attached on screens made of fine mesh. Silk screen printing has been lauded by experts as one of the best ways to print a design on a shirt quickly with damaging or compromising its integrity. The TeeVisionPrinting team agrees with them and that is the reason why this is our preferred way of printing our high-quality shirts and jackets. Aside from its efficiency, silk screen printing is also cheaper and more versatile then other printing methods. It gives us the ability to print t-shirt designs EXACTLY the way you want it to without breaking the bank.


  • Versatility

-        One of the best things about silk screen printing is that it’s versatile. It doesn’t only work well on fabric materials; it is also suited for printing designs on other stuff such as hats, mugs, and even chopping boards.

  • Best For Bulk Orders

-        Silk screen printing is also perfect for massive orders. Preparing the screens needed to reproduce an artwork requires a certain amount of money to achieve. Although it’s not that expensive, placing a huge order can minimize the price needed to finish the preparation process. Which can then make the wholesale price for the shirts much cheaper than retail.

  • Design Lasts Longer

-        Since the type ink used on this type of printing method is much thicker than normal, the design will be sturdier than other customized shirts printed using other methods.

These are just some of the many things that make silk screen printing great. Customize a shirt in our design section and experience the hype for yourself.

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